If you haven’t already, please be sure to withdraw your child/children if they are still currently registered under a private or public school.  IMPORTANT: BRING THIS FORM WITH YOU TO INFORM THEM THAT YOU ARE HOMESCHOOLING UNDER LHA NOW!!!!  Click the link below.

This will ensure you do not have any unusual visitors, truant officers in particular.  I personally had them visit me even after withdrawing my child several years ago.

Use this form to formalize your intent to homeschool by officially withdrawing your child/children from the school system and giving them notice of where you’re transferring to.  Unlike Georgia you do not need to file any kind of “Intent to Homeschool”.  Simply fill out the withdrawal form, one per child, and submit it to their previous school.  I recommend bringing two copies along and having someone sign and stamp it with their official date-stamp as proof of receipt and to keep a copy for your records.  Also keep any other withdrawal forms you signed as proof of withdrawal.

To withdraw from a public online school: please inform your homeroom teacher of your intent to withdraw.  You will be referred to a department that will handle the withdrawal process and will also send you a prepaid postage stamp to return your books and other items.

Click here: Notice of Transfer