Lowcountry Homeschool Association’s (LHA) Rank Policy for South Carolina High School Students:

  • Ranking is based on the South Carolina Uniform Grading Policy (SCUGP);
  • All academic classes at the end of the academic year (9th, 10th 11th 12th) will be ranked;
  • Ranking will include the entire class based on submitted grades.
  • Ranking is required for all high school students.
  • Rank will be printed on final transcripts.

The South Carolina Uniform Grading Scale is used to calculate the GPA and class rank for high school students and will apply to all courses including units earned at the middle/junior high school level. GPA will be figured uniformly. The formula will yield each student’s GPA which can then be ranked from highest to lowest rank in class. Computations will not be rounded to a higher number. All diploma candidates are included in the ranking period. The criteria for determining honor graduates, to include valedictorian and salutatorian, is solely based on the Uniform Grading Scale and will be reflected on their transcript, only upon request.  The SC Uniform Grading Scale will be used for determining GPA, class rank, and local recognition.   All courses taken for high school graduation credit are included in the calculation of class rank. Any failed or withdrawn classes will be counted in the number of courses attempted.  The instructional level of each course, the student’s grade in each course and the total number of courses attempted are included in the computation of class rank. Under the Uniform Grading Policy passed by the South Carolina State Board of Education in September 2016, all course Revision to Date: February 6, 2017 Page 23 of 106 grades are based on a state-defined grading scale with corresponding grade point values for each numerical grade. In addition, the policy specifies that only courses taught at the Honors, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and Dual Enrollment in College may be awarded additional weighting values (.5 quality points for Honors and 1.0 quality points for Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or Dual Enrollment College). Your LHA issued transcript will include the following grade scoring systems: weighted 4.0, unweighted 4.0 points, and the SCUGS points.  Only the SCUGP is used for ranking.

IMPORTANT: If there are less than twenty students in a class, especially a graduating class, this may affect your ability to qualify for certain scholarships.  Georgia and North Carolina Members will not qualify for South Carolina state scholarships.  All students will be ranked on a 10-point scale grade system.

For more information on South Carolina State Scholarships, please go to the SC Commission on Higher Education: