Future Planning

LHA now offers a future planning package for you and your family!  Our future planning package is open to students and/or parents looking to further their education.  What our future planning service includes is personality assessment, help with the college admissions process, career services, and trade school prep, to name a few.  Our deputy director is head of future planning service, and graduated summa cum laude with her bachelors in psychology.  


How much is the future planning package?

Our future planning package is $20 per month.

I am a parent that is looking to go back to school, is the future planning package for students only?
Parents are more than welcome to sign up for our future planning package!  

My student is unsure if they want to attend college, would this package still be useful for them?

Absolutely!  Not only does our future planning package include college prep, but it also includes trade school prep.  The future planning package is not just for students looking to go to college, but also for those that are looking to learn more about themselves and what careers would be the best fit for them.

How old does my student have to be to sign up?

Our future planning package is for high school students, and parents looking to go back to school.

Who do I contact to find out additional information on the package?
Our deputy director would be more than happy to answer all of your questions, please send an email to