About Us

Moving to South Carolina from San Diego, California, I found that I had little support with regards to homeschooling.   After two depressing years and a scarcity of friends and field trips, I decided to do something about it.

I called a friend and told her about it.  To my surprise, I found out she was the key person heading up the online group that I had been a part of.  I ended up combining my group along with Lowcountry Homeschooling (a group in existence for two decades) and out came Lowcountry Homeschoolers.   We partnered with one of the original founders, Barbara & Scott Griswold, and she explained how far back the group actually went, even beyond her.   Barbara and Scott, continue to support LHA and have done our High School 101 to College Prep workshops.  After two years we saw a need for an official Accountability Association and Lowcountry Homeschool Association was created.  Everything just came together and fell in the right place.

Please meet our board members:

Barbara & Scott Griswold, Honorary Members

Heather Brummer, Secretary

Laura Peterson, Treasurer

Heather and her husband, a special education teacher, homeschool in Hampton County.  They are very active with homeschooling activities and are an inspiration for families who want to homeschool their special needs child.

Laura is a teacher by trade but she ended up starting the Okatie Youth Ballet dance school and offers free Yoga and Creative Drama classes once a week for homeschoolers.  She homeschools her kids and they are very active in the community.

Hi, my name is Donna Cartwright.  I am the President of Lowcountry Homeschool Association.  I have four kids.  My eldest is a Special Education Teacher and getting her Masters Degree and my second daughter followed my footsteps and started doing real estate; that’s the risk you take when you give them a break from school.  lol  In her senior year, I gave her the option to pick her curriculum and she went with Seton and graduated!  My two younger ones are in Elementary so they keep me active.

I look forward to meeting your families and hope that our services are helpful to you.  I never want anyone to quit homeschooling because of the lack of support.  Don’t give up.  Keep going!  You are the best teacher for your kids!  Never doubt that, no matter what!

Happy Homeschooling, Y’all!

Donna Cartwright